meet the team

Sachin Singh

Sachin is highly experienced and internationally trained with more than 15 years experiences in Six Sigma, Software,Web,Online/Cloud Platform. Over years of researching & building both opensource and proprietary technologies now offers his complete services to general enterprises in Fiji.

Knowledge Base:
Oracle 12C,MySQL,MSSQL database.
Language: php,python,java,
html5,AngularJS, C#,C++,,,corbol and assembly language.

Temo Waqa
Electronic/Mechanical technician

Temo is our electronics and general technician. With anything ranging from electronic circuits,boards,engines,electrical,etc he is the guy to go for.

Reema Devi
ICT Technician

Reema is well versed in Linux, Microsoft and Android products. Apart from this she has vast experiences with servers,NAS,SAN,firewalls,
routers and PBX system.

Sahil Sharma
Website GURU

Website Designing and Digital Marketing is his passion. He plays with SEO and with complex codings and delivers extra ordinary unique websites that will drive right branding for your organization.